A blogoland retreat for undercover linguists

Monday, November 20, 2006

Humanity might have a purpose, and so might this blog:

OKAY. I have been blogless for far too long. Behind the times, living in the past, writing letters with a fountain pen on vellum is where I've been. Mouse-mouse. Click-click. Wow that was really fast. Wait, don't look, I'm not ready yet. There's a part of me that's still not sure, saying, "Maybe that was too easy and I should have had to do more work? Maybe I won't stick with it? Are half my thoughts even worth writing down?" Yikes, first day on the blog jitters. I'll have to get over those. On the positive side, I avoided the following irksome things that all you "I have my own server" types take pleasure in:
  1. setting up a server
  2. or alternatively, paying for an offsite server
  3. setting up web hosting and blog software
  4. and lastly, the temptation that comes with infinitely customizable software (what would my ideal layout be?). Sometimes the world should come in 3 or 4 flavors and not 1,000,000 combinatoric ones.
Anyway, on to the declarations of purpose: This blog will be a storehouse for the anything that draws my interest during the week. It'll be a depository for stuff I'm mulling over, a place where I can put neuro-tickles into words for the first time. And I'm a web-surfing kind of guy, and I always come across articles, comics, news stories that I want to write a few lines about just so I can remember them later, so that will go here too. Which brings me to my next issue, what topics I'm going to talk about on this blog. Well, the following have a high likelihood of showing up here futurely:
  • Linguistics topics.
    • Obsessions of the linguistics blogosphere.
    • NLP/Compling conundrums, my confusions.
  • Humanities, philosophy and language; zones of intersection therein.
  • Religion. Society. Politics.
  • Random jollifications. (e.g. poems, comics, art, music, movies, jokes)
And, you know, whatever comes up.